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Specializing in Integrative Therapy

Meet Dr. Dixon

Dr. Margaret Ann Dixon | Specializing in Integrative Therepy - Minden, NVMargaret Ann Dixon is currently working on her post doctoral internship hours to earn her private practice license as a psychologist.  Dr. Dixon earned her Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of Minnesota in 1994. She has lived and worked as a school psychologist in the area for many years and plans to continue in that capacity.  However, at this point in her life, Dr. Dixon has a strong desire to help others in a broader way and with her years of experience and maturity, she is ready to branch out into more intensive work with individuals, as well as couples and families.  During her post-doctoral practice she continues to broaden her learning of therapies that compliment her goal of achieving quick results and lasting change such as Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy. In addition, she uses mindfulness techniques, therapeutic stories, behavioral methods and is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

One client (Heidi) reports:  "...The session was completely comfortable and safe. The time passed quickly, although it was obvious to me, even during my time with Margaret, that new pathways in my brain were being built. It was work. Something was happening.  For me, EMDR has enabled me to un-link previously connected reactions to stress or discomfort..."

Dr. Dixon looks forward to working with those weighed down by attachment issues, relationship problems, anxiety, depression, anger issues, or PTSD as well as those who need help reaching their higher potential and those who may be facing a difficult crossroad and need help discovering their own path.